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Judge adds 22,000 plaintiffs to casino suit

In today’s Star Tribune: Judge adds 22,000 plaintiffs to casino suit.

The judge also ruled that the number of Dakota Indians who will be allowed to sue the government for mismanagement of tribal lands will be expanded from 250 in 2003 to 22,000 now. They claim to be descendants of Minnesota’s Dakota Indians who were given land where the casinos now operate, bringing immense wealth to the tribe members. “It’s a major victory,” said Erick Kaardal, attorney for the plaintiffs, who are seeking huge monetary awards from the federal government for damages.

The PDF of the ruling is on Kaardal’s web site titled Wolfchild IV – Opinion and Order Dated April 27, 2007.

On page 16, it reads:

Applying these principles, plaintiffs’ and certain intervening plaintiffs’ motions to amend complaints are granted…

On page 18, the Abrahamson group of 396 is listed.

Erick Kardaal includes this in his statement:

Second, the Court granted the motion to add additional plaintiffs and plaintiff intervenors. So, the operative Complaint is Plaintiffs’ Third Amended Complaint.

and that PDF is here on his site, with the text starting on page 242.