The 1899 McLaughlin Census of Mdewakanton

mclaughlincensuscover.pngOn the left is the PDF of the 1899 McLaughlin Census of Mdewakanton in Minnesota. Interesting that they spelled it “Medawakanton.” The cover reads:

Census of Medawakanton Sioux of Minnesota
James McLaughlin, U.S. Indian Inspector
March 15/17 1899
Approved by Department, March 29, 1899

See 14542 March 30, 1899
Original in National Archives Record Group 75, Washington, D.C.
Microfilm copy in Minnesota Historical Society M405, Roll 1

Scanned by Bruce White, Turnstone Historical Research, April 18, 2006

mclaughlincensuspage19.pngOn the left is page 19 of the above census.

It shows that my great-grandmother Agnes Wigley, (nee Dupuis) and her two children, Sarah and Herbert, were living in St. Paul. She’d evidently separated from her husband, Charles Wigley, by then.

I’ve circled it in red. Click to enlarge.