Graham heads to Jamaica on a mission trip

Graham Wigley, Griff Wigley  Graham Wigley,  Helping Hands - newsletter-sshot 
I saw Graham off at the airport this morning. He’s heading to Jamaica for a week on a mission trip with two friends, Isaac Anderson and TJ Roovers. TJ’s parents, Mary Pat Roovers and Tom Roovers (see Tom’s St. Norbert alum profile for more), established an organization called Helping Hands which "coordinates shipments of materials and supplies to Jamaica as well as schedules multiple mission trips each year, constructing houses, schools, medical clinics and providing medical care to the needy."

It’s run out of their church, St. Matthew, in Wausau, Wisconsin. The image on the right above is from the cover of the  church’s June bulletin, showing photos of Helping Hands volunteers.

The guys will be working in and around the town of Maggotty, in the parish of St. Elizabeth.