About the Wigleys

Updated: Winter, 2012.

There are many Wigleys in the USA, and this site is by and for a relatively tiny few.

Charles Wigley married Mary (Marie) Agnes Dupuis in 1863 in the town of Mendota, Minnesota.

One of their children, William Albert ‘Herbert’ Wigley married Brunoslava ‘Bernice Golanszewsky and they had two sons: Lawrence Wigley and Herbert Wigley, Jr. They grew up in St. Paul, MN.

Lawrence Wigley married Audre Johnson and they had three children: Deirdre, Griff, and Todd. They grew up in Eagan, MN and went to school at St. Peter’s in Mendota. Audre lives in Arden Hills,MN. Lawrence is deceased.

Deirdre (Dee Dee, above left with brother Griff) lives in Minneapolis, MN.

The Wigleys
Griff married Robbie Richard and they have four children: Collin, Tyson, Graham, Gillian. They grew up in Northfield, MN where Robbie and Griff live. Collin married Amanda and they live in New Jersey; Tyson, Graham, and Gillian live in the Twin Cities.

Todd married Stacy Dunn and they have a daughter, Ellen. They live in St. Paul.